2013 Snapshots from www.planefinder.net for the Ormond Beach Airport area. 

The significance of these images is to show:
1. The drastic change in traffic using the east/west runway switching to the north/south runway.  I do not have the wind conditions at the time but this shows that aircraft do not always have to use a east/west runway most of the time using the prevailing wind necessity for takeoffs.
2. This shows very little traffic east of US 1. It does show activity out in the Pierson airport area. It also shows aircraft utilizing various airports, including Daytona Beach.

The N number of the aircraft is available in the pop out box.  Double click on the image for a larger view - it will open in a separate tab or window.  Then close it (X) to return to this page.
(Info on right of photo is date/hour/minute/seconds/am or pm


2-25-2013 10-56-35 AM

2-25-2013 3-25-05 PM

2-11-2013 2-18-40 PM-N1419D

2-2-2013 5-18-32 PM-see.few.minutes.before below

2-2-2013 5-15-24 PM

2-1-2013 11-33-46 AM

1-31-2013 4-35-53 PM

1-30-2013 5-05-00 PM

1-30-2013 5-04-21 PM

1-21-2013 9-24-06 AM

1-21-2013 4-59-57 PM

1-21-2013 4-34-26 PM

1-19-2013 12-44-03 PM

1-19-2013 2-41-59 PM

1-16-2013 3-48-55 PM

1-16-2013 3-38-20 PM

1-14-2013 10-28-47 AM