In 2009 I filed a low flying airplane complaint on two airplanes that were flying away from the airport, west to east, over a residential area (Tomoka Estates) and my home with photos and videos.
The FAA responded with a reply and then I sent them a second letter/email and I also have their second response.

It is utterly ridiculous that the FAA thinks that a citizen/resident should have equipment to monitor the altitude of an airplane.  When I spoke on the telephone with the agent, he said basically, that within 5 miles of the airport, a plane can fly at almost altitude they need to for the safe operation of the airplane.  I tried to tell him this was a small plane, flying in the opposite direction of the airport before starting his actual approach and I live 1.5 miles from the airport.  That did not good. 

The Ormond Control Tower has no information on the aircrafts altitude. 

ORIGINAL LETTER (the video and photos were sent through the Ormond Beach Airport manager to the FAA rep.



Another complaint was filed previously in 2006, when Robert Hernandez was the airport manager. While he was at my home a low flying plane came over and I asked him how high that plane was and he said approximately 500 feet.  More in the letter... of course, nothing was done on this complaint either...