9- 3-11 - Email sent by Vince Kinsler to Airport Manager, City staff people and residents regarding disturbing flights over Ormond Lakes

Good morning Steven - 

I just wanted to make you aware of some disturbing flight training taking place (as I write) over Ormond Lakes.

Disturbing not in the sense of a student pilot flying way too low, or making erratic or risky looking manuevers (both of which has been witnessed in the past) or even from continuous noise (which as you know has been a chronic concern), but moreover from the standpoint of the sudent pilot(s) taking unwarranted and un-needed flight paths.

Beginning around 7:30am this morning I witnessed one plane (unless it was more than one plane which looked identical - which is possible, but then probably owned by the same flight school) making very extended and wide turns and throttling up in the process - covering a much larger area of geography than necessary (and in turn being disruptive to a greater amount or OB residents). 

This particular aircraft (and I do believe it was one plane - not two identical planes) is single engine, fixed gear, and all white. The typical pattern this aircraft should be flying (if this pilot were to be aware of and or willing to fly the courteous patterns) would be coming from west to east (takeoff) - which it did, and then turn the aircraft north in a tight circle return pattern - then heading west back toward the airport, and then generally repeat that flight cycle, however, this particular aircraft (student pilot) on his/her turn to the north is taking very leisurely swaths heading west northwest on its return pattern covering much more real estate than necessary.

If this aircraft were to be attempting to fly the established courteous flight path - which this morning is definitely doable (at least between the hours of 7:30am and 9:00am) as there was no prevailing wind patterns, and as I stated earlier - there was very little traffic in the pattern; during this same period of time I witnessed only one other plane - all white single engine with its wing tips dark blue and dark blue on the underbelly of the fuselage starting at mid part of the craft and going to the tail (which this craft too was following that unnecessary lazy pattern). The pattern was being repeated (particularly by the all white plane) every 4 to 6 minutes.

I would imagine how delightful it must be to pilot one of these small aircraft on a beautiful saturday morning - and by taking wider swaths would obviously be even more delightful than trying to stick to a stricter more disciplined probably more boring (albeit courteous to the neighbors on the ground) higher and tighter pattern, not to mention that by taking these greater but more disruptive turns more than likely enables the plane to stay in the air longer - providing the student pilot the ability to log more flight time on this particular sortie.

Steven, I realize there is only so much that can be done (legally) with regard to any prospective compliance of courteous flight patterns - but nonetheless, a group of OB citizens, the airport management, the city council, the mayor, the city manager, city attorney's, and others have worked long and hard to put reasaonable and courteous, and for the most part doable flight patterns for student pilots to considerately and courteously comply with - today that is not happening and there is no excuse for this.

As you know it doesn't take alot of aggravation by flight schools and small aircraft flight training to get people stirred up and create a poltical hot potato, let alone having to withstand obvious unnecessary and avoidable disturbance - as is happening this morning. One can only surmise that this is happening either due to ignorance or by pure lack of consideration - both of which are really unacceptable.

My hope is that this doesn't sustain throughout the remainder of this holiday weekend - perhaps you could contact the flight school owners as an updated and friendly reminder and the weekend can be reasonably decent for everyone.

I have conveyed to you in the past, and I still assert - there have been improvements - but because this will never have an ending - it is paramount that you do not let your guard down just because you may not be getting a lot of registered concerns or complaints - people are concerned they just don't always register their concerns or complaints.  Please continue to communicate the community concerns and implore the flight training school owners to have their student pilots comply whenever possible.


Vince Kinsler, resident
Ormond Lakes