7-9-11 - Email and entry sent by Resident to Report a Concern web site Ormond Beach


Today (07-09-11) planes have flown over our home for the last three and one-half hours.  One of the planes has three stripes under each wing (Embry Riddle) and all of them are so far away from the flight path that they cannot responsibly claim that they only deviated slightly from it.  Norm Echelberry has provided pictures with plane numbers clearly shown, so city officials cannot honestly say they do not know who violates the flight paths.  Nothing justifies continued violations of the Ormond Beach Airport flight paths.  It is long past time for city officials to confront flight school owners who constantly violate the flight paths and demand an end to the 

violations   We know who violates the flight paths and they must be 

held responsible for their arrogant actions.