7-7-11 Email sent out by Norman Echelberry and entry to City of Ormond Beach Report a Concern

Today (7-7-11) I sent the below message to the city web site.

July 4, 5 and 6 were days that several flight schools continued to ignore the suggested/requested flight paths as they take off and land at the Ormond Beach Airport. 
During occasional times I took photos of some of these airplanes.  The ones who continue to do this are the same ones that do it over and over and over.  I did not have time to take photos of all airplanes.
Another item I have been noticing in some still photos are that some airplanes only have one occupant.  Which means to me, that is probably the student, with no supervisor or trainer from the company.  That interprets to me that the "student" pilot can actually fly any path they want to, with their main goal to get back to the airport and get their credit for touch and goes and other items.  This shows to me there is NO consideration by some of these pilots for residents below.  If you go to the airport you cannot see the airplanes once they leave it and neither can their supervisors. 

These flights can be seen on youtube video:

July 6 - (not every flight but ones I managed to video and take still photos of)
9:37 am  Unk N# directly over
9:40 am N714DF (Euro)
9:43 am N9237J (Euro)
10:00 am N470ER (ERU)
10:17 am unk N, (ERU) directly over
10:26 am N712ER (ERU)
10:27 am N9237J (Euro)
10:32 am N483ER (AVN, ERU)
10:39 am N483ER (ERU)
11:05 am unk N# directly over
11:09 am N9237J (Euro)
11:15 am N301CF (Sunrise) & N9225N (Euro)
11:17 am N5205P (?) not sure on #
11:37 am N9225N (Euro)
11:48 am N9225N
11:51 am unk N#, twin directly over
11:54 am N301CF (Sunrise)
12:00 pm N25362 (Sunrise)
12:02 pm N9237J (Euro)
1:18 pm N489DA (?)