7-6-11 Email sent out by Vince Kinsler and entry to City of Ormond Beach Report a Concern


On the 4th of July - small airplanes obviously conducting flight training (based on frequency of passes and similarity of planes) were very much out of considerate flight training paths as they passed over Ormond Lakes - although the flight traffic was not comparatively heavy (making the concern more perplexing) these planes were flying low and very loose - the turns they were making were at best described as leisurely - meaning they were not at all attempting to fly a higher tighter pattern as which has been recommended of them to do so.

 As of early this morning, however, the flight training has been in full swing since 7am with a low flying small aircraft in a pattern every 1 to 2 minutes - quite low and loud and very disturbing. Although I have personally seen some improvement in flight training activities in the past several months - these leisurely type of patterns are quite concerning - it suggests to me that perhaps there has been a recent let down in communications with the flight training schools and their students. Please keep up the high level communications to the flight training schools as it appears as though when no one is talking - they seem to forget being considerate of their citizen neighbors. Thank you.

 Vince Kinsler, resident

Ormond Lakes