7-28-11 Entry to Ormond Beach report a Concern and response from Mayor Kelley by Norman Echelberry

The following was entered in Report a Concern on the City of Ormond Beach website :

(ALSO - not on the entry but on the email I sent out with same information), I noticed I used to be able to select more than one person to have the concern sent to but this time it only allows you to select one.  That would probably interpret to me that if you submit it to the airport, it will not make it to any other City Staff… just a item for future entries by any other residents)

Thursday, June 28, I made the following observations while working in my back yard.
From 2:24 PM TO 3:06 PM, 19 airplanes did not follow the requested flight path and flew over homes in Tomoka Estates. 
Most of the airplanes are registered (after verifying with the FAA)with: Embry Riddle University; European School of Aviation and Sunrise Aviation.  Three that I have photos with their numbers made a complete loop of the airport (and I cannot believe if these companies are saying they make a forced stop before taking off did in fact stop):

ERU 2:49 pm/2:54 pm
ESA 2:57 pm/3:03 pm
Sunrise 2:58 pm/3:04 pm

If any of these companies are making statements that they are following the requested path, they are NOT telling the truth in all situations. Embry Riddle is the worst, flying wherever they want to.  I know, the City of Ormond Beach cannot do anything about forcing them to fly the path, BUT, the City has been trying to get them to cooperate, which obviously is NOT working.  On this date, I took 50 snapshots of the planes and 20 videos to add to my collection.

Mr. Echelberry, you can copy to all that you did in the past. It must be a problem with you server. Please try again. 
Please understand that the suggested flight patterns are for Voluntary Compliance, note the word voluntary.  

Our city staff works very very hard with all the flight schools to seek support for the flight patterns.  

Weather, wind conditions, number of operations all factor into patterns.  

Please understand we are trying but the planes have certain rights granted to them as well. FAA governs the air space.   

Ed Kelley

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