7-26-11 - Email sent to City staff, Airport Director and area residents from Vince Kinsler

Hi Steven -
This morning at 9:20am - I witnessed a small single engine aircraft on a west to east path approximately 100 yards from my back yard flying alarmingly low make an abrupt swerving turn to the south - based on my best guestimate this aircraft was no more than 300 to 400 feet high. Although I can't say this aircraft was flying erratically - I can say its movements and its height definitely made me feel very uneasy. 
This morning starting very early there were numerous planes flying from west to east along this same line. In the past it seems as though the path along this line had generally been planes flying from east to west. 

During the ANATF meeings - in particular when I was one of the individuals who went up in an Embry Riddle plane to view the "offending" patterns from the sky - our flight pattern took us off above the bridge over the Tomoka River (at US1) heading east and our turn brought us to the line (described above - basically on the southern outskirts of Ormond Lakes) where the plane's path was then heading west back toward the airport - it now appears the opposite is happening - has there been some change in the takeoff and return patterns lately?

Please let me know, and again I implore you to improve or escalate your communications with the flight schools to be aware of patterns - of throttling down as soon as humanly possible and to keep their patterns as high and tight as soon as safely possible. 

Vince Kinsler, resident

Ormond Lakes