7-11-11 Email sent to message to Mr. Stowers and Ed Kelley and residents cc from resident

Mr. Stowers:
How much longer must Ormond Beach citizens suffer the danger (surely you know about the crash yesterday) and abuse of flight school planes.  Nothing has changed with the violations of the flight paths since the noise abatement committee meetings and alleged agreements.  

Flight school planes violate the flight paths daily.  They fly too low, give homeowners constant and obnoxious noise from very early morning until sometimes as late as midnight.  Norm Echelberry has provided photos of flight school planes (with their numbers showing) violating the flight paths and yet nothing has happened.  The arrogance of the pilots seems without end.  They know they face no consequences for the violations, so the basically tell us to "go to hell" and do as they please.

In the absence of city officials taking strong action to stop flight school pilots from doing whatever they please, I fear that city officials will wait until some Ormond Beach citizens are killed from yet another crash and then finally "look into the problem."  We know what the problem is, we know who causes the problem and we know that city finances and people facilitate the continued problem.  Flight school operators and their pilots are an unwelcome plague on our city.  I urge you to take strong action and help Ormond Beach citizens end the plague of flight school planes.