Flights over residential area, Tomoka Estates, 6/27/11 not flying the requested/suggested path for flight schools:

12:46 PM Unknown plane did not fly out over the path, have video, did not get N#
12:48 PM N9237J (Euro School)
12:52 PM N497ER (AVN)
12:54 PM N9237J (Euro School)
12:55 PM N25325 (Sunrise School)
12:55 PM Partial N716ER (Embry Riddle)
12:57 PM N493ER (Embry Riddle)
12:58 PM N5144H (Dolphin Leasing)
 1:05 PM N9237J (Euro School)
 1:06 PM N9202C (Euro School)
 1:11 PM N25325 (Sunrise School)
 1:16 PM N24887 (Sunrise)
 1:17 PM Delta Jet Airline (approx. 1600 feet, flying south over path) Not a problem
 1:19 PM N25325 (Sunrise School)

Photos taken this date of above: