6-11--11 – Email sent out by Norman Echelberry and you tube posting video

As a follow up on June 11, 2011, I photographed and video recorded several flight schools flying OFF THE REQUESTED PATH from the Ormond Beach Airport.  Most, but not all, were from Embry Riddle.  So much for their cooperation.
Also I checked one airplane’s N number and it was flagged as not airworthy, so tried calling the FAA, forget it – constant busy signal and no answer on several numbers I called, so I filled out their web page report a “concern” item… but they must be out of the office, no one has answered me… I told them I have photos of the plane… probably not a big deal to them..
Here’s the youtube link… I have several keyword searches for youtube so someone stumbling can find them, even the N numbers on the planes..
Norm Echelberry, Tomoka Estates