6-10--11 Submitted to the City of Ormond Beach report a concern web page by Norman Echelberry

After returning from a five week trip away from my home on Thursday, June 9, at 2:30 pm I was immediately welcomed home by a flyover of several flight school airplanes, mostly Embry Riddle. I did not have time to get their numbers.  On June 10, this is continuing with flight schools not following the requested flight path requested by the City of Ormond Beach. 

2:05 pm N435ER, AVN Air LLC, from Connecticut (probably Embry Riddle)

2:10 & 2:20 pm, N35549, Bravo Leasing, 561 Pearl Harbor Dr., Day. Beach

and several Embry Riddle planes directly over me and unable to get their numbers. 

Now that I am home I will be documenting more of their refusal to fly the requested path. 

Norm Echelberry/Tomoka Estates