5-5-11 Submitted to the City of Ormond Beach report a concern web page by Norman Echelberry:

On Wed. night, May 4, from 9 pm to 11 pm one or two airplanes kept flying low and noisy over my home in Tomoka Estates. I could not identify the plane.  I want to voice my opinion that the airport, which has a FAA tower and a fence around it with a secure gate for entry, allows the control tower to close at 7 or 8 pm? and there is no one from the City of Ormond Beach or the FAA to monitor ANY activity at the airport.  That could include possible illegal activity or potential homeland threats.  I am sure the police department occasionally patrols the airport but is not there 24/7 when the "airport closes".  It's like, make sure the lights are on and go home for the day and the airport is open to anyone who wants to land.  And today, Thursday, May 5, the morning onslaught of constant planes flying over my home has started at 9am and as of 10:45 still going on.  Hardly any planes are flying the "suggested path"  the City of Ormond Beach has requested they fly. I am aware there is no control over the airplanes, they can do whatever they want.  I have also heard comments about the planes not being any louder than a lawn mower.  If you had the "lawn mower" sound over a city commission meeting I am sure there would be a change of opinion.  When I open my windows on a cool night and cannot hear the television without turning it up, that is louder than a "lawn mower". If my neighbor had a mower going that often and "that loud" I am sure he would have a cinch bug infestation that would guarantee he would not need to mow again!