5-3-11 Email between residents

Well I guess the winds have shifted and it's my turn to be constantly bombarded by aircraft noise.  One after another over xxx Shady Branch Trail in the Trails.  RRRR must be going nuts today. 


 The city officials want this airport, don't know why.

I have no mortgage and come Sept, I will not pay my assessments for property tax.  I will fight forever for some kind of reduction of my taxes and I suggest everyone else does the same.

This is not peaceful usage of our homes as promised by the constitution.  There is not a minute that aircraft cannot be heard over my house today.

There is no solution but to close the airport and that's not going to happen because too many politicians want this airport.  I'd like to know exactly where our mayor lives so I can see if he is in an area that is bombarded with this noise.