5-2-11 - Email from resident to City of Ormond Beach on web site form.

Today I sent the below message to the city web site.  I also called the president of Embry Riddle and left a message that as long as his planes were making my life miserable I would continue to call and try to let him enjoy some of my misery.


 Today from early morning until now as I write this single and twin engine planes have flown directly over our home and a hundred yards or so to the north and south of our home.  Some of the planes have three stripes under each wing.  These pilots know the flight paths and arrogantly chose to ignore it.  They know they face no consequences for their arrogance.

 Thus far, absolutely nothing has changed except perhaps that the flights are more constant and louder.  The obnoxious noise never lets up.  Most often the planes are at best a couple of minutes apart and sometimes come as frequently as ever 30 seconds or so.