First complaint filed online to City Manager, Airport Director and Economic Director

This complaint concerns noisy, low flying airplanes. off the suggested path, mostly flight schools over Tomoka Estates during the time periods listed.  Although I am aware not much can be done, none the less, I am logging a complaint. 4/6/11 Times I monitored: 12:45 to 1 pm; 2:25 pm to 2:40 pm; 5:30 to 5:45 pm, Plane N numbers: N386er(AVN LLC); N35549 (Bravo Leasing, Daytona); N450ER (Wells Fargo Trustee); N370ER (AVN LLC) - 4/7/11 noticed beginning at 10 am and has been running to 11:30: N447ER (Wells Fargo Trustee); N25362 (Sunrise Av.); N933SA (Sunrise)

Second complaint
Additional complaints for 4/7 airplanes flying over homes in Tomoka Estates, off the suggested path and noisy: 
N19U (World of Life Aircraft Leasing LLC out of Mississippi) at 12:50pm, 12:56 pm, 1:01 pm and 1:05 pm (note how fast this same plane made a loop of the airport, taking on and off); 12:53 pm N714GZ (Euro School of Aviation); 12:54 pm N953SA (Sunrise Aviation);