At 5:30 pm I grow tired of obnoxious flight school plane noise that has droned on most of the day.  The planes continue to fly directly over our home in clear violation of the alleged flight paths.  You have assured me that you have repeatedly informed the flight school owners and pilots that they should follow the flight paths.  I can think of at least two reasons why they do not follow the flight paths.  One reason could be that they are too stupid to do so.  I reject this possibility.  Another reason could be that they are simply arrogant and do not give a damn.  I tend to believe this possibility comes closer to the truth.


I think it is time to directly confront Joyce Shanahan’s attempt to frame the issue as “since few complaints come to her the problem must be improved.”  I grant that one could argue that if only a few people complain then the problem must not be so bad.  Following this line of reasoning, one could also argue that if a flight school plane crashes and kills only one or two Ormond Beach citizens “the problem would not be so bad.”  I would think that framing the problem as “without dispute flight school planes daily plague Ormond Beach citizens with unacceptably loud and constant noise, planes flying entirely too low and so far away from the alleged flight paths that it is not funny,” 

gives a more appropriate picture of what we daily face.  I find this frame of the issue closer to the reality that I and fellow Ormond Beach citizens face.  I think it time to act on this framing of the issue we face.


Neither you nor any Ormond Beach official has disputed the constant flight school plane noise, low flights, deviation from the flight paths and too often planes coming within 100 feet or so from our homes.  There simply is no dispute that the problem is real, growing more obnoxious, dangerous and that flight school pilots do as they please.  When will you and Mr. Kelley get the attention of the flight school owners and pilots?  I urge you to do so immediately.


Charles Russell