4-30-11 - Email from resident to City of Ormond Beach on web site form

The below message was sent to the city web site today.


Since a little after 9 am this morning planes have flown directly over our home and a hundred yards north and south of our home.  Some of the planes have flown from the north toward the south and then turned directly over our home heading west.  At this point anyone with an IQ over 4 knows the flight paths and that pilots should not fly over our homes.  One plane has three stripes under each wing and others have no marks that I can detect.  These pilots know they are violating the flight paths and show their arrogance by flying over our home.  How long will city officials plead with flight school owners to follow the flight paths?  We need action.  As I write this (1:50 pm) the planes continue to fly over our home.  I expect this obnoxious constant noise to continue the rest of the day and likely into the evening.