4-23-11 - Email from resident ref. complaint form filed with City of Ormond Beach

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Please pass along the below copy of what I reported on the city web site today. I have managed to delete my copy of the addresses in your group. 
Since early morning single and twin engine flight school planes (some with three stripes under each wing) have flown directly over our home. Some have flown a hundred yards or so to the north and south also. I observed a single engine plane with three stripes under each wing flying from north to south turn directly over our home and fly west. The noise is constant, very loud and obnoxious. These pilots know where the flight paths are and their arrogance allows them to fly where they want. Talking and pleading with the flight school owners and pilots strikes me as a complete waste of time. They simply do not give a damn. Mr. Lichliter repeating that the Daytona airport has runway repairs going on has absolutely nothing to do with flight school planes operating out of the Ormond Beach airport. The problem is "home grown" and must be addressed here.