4-20-11 - Email from Mayor Kelley to resident with previous communication

From: YYYY
To: Kelley, Ed <kelley@ormondbeach.org>
Cc: Vince Kinsler <yovinny57@aol.com>
Sent: Wed, Apr 20, 2011 5:39 pm
Subject: Re: airplanes

I do believe that you "take my concerns seriously." My dispute is NOT with you. My dispute is with the arrogant jerks who do as they please and make my life hell. I also accept that you and other city officials do not control airspace. You do, however, control the airport and can enforce codes and standards to the letter. I do not doubt for one moment that "firm enforcement" would immediately catch the attention of Flight School owners and bring them to you asking what it would take for things to return to normal. My point is simple - make the jerk's lives miserable enough (what we now face from them) to gain compliance with our flight paths. If necessary, have one of those conversations that "did not take place." 
I do not care if the arrogant jerks deliberately cause the problems or not. I know for certain that they know they cause problems and that they continue to do as they please flying over our homes. You may again object to my characterization of them as arrogant jerks, but I doubt that you can dispute the fact that they continue to plague us with CONSTANT noise day and night. 
Many of us are willing to work with you doing whatever necessary to put an end to this unacceptable mess. I look to you to request what you need from us and inform us when we can support you. Lead the way! 
On Apr 20, 2011, at 11:34 AM, Kelley, Ed wrote: 
> Mr. YYYY, each of your concerns are noted by staff, contrary to > what 
> you may have been told. At our meeting several weeks ago I explained 
> that your concerns are taken seriously, however solutions and 
> expectations of results must be realistic. You are aware that the City 
> of Ormond Beach does not have any control of the airspace. Efforts > have 
> and are being made to seek voluntary compliance to flight patterns, 
> however the city can't mandate such. 

> In addition at the meeting I offered to go to each of the FBO's and 
> flight schools to let them know of our concerns. It was decided by > city 
> staff that give additional time and at that point invite each (as you 
> suggested) to a meeting at city hall. I have spent many hours (as much 
> as 3 hours at a time) observing and calculating noise levels and > flight 
> patterns. 

> Please understand, the FAA not the city of Ormond Beach or Volusia 
> County or the State of Florida controls the airspace. 

> Personally I do not believe that those that are flying are > intentionally 
> trying to create problems with our residents. 

> Ed Kelley 
> Mayor 

> Subject: Re: airplanes 

> Steve: 
> I sent the below email to the city site. I want to ensure that you > see 
> it. 

> Today and Sunday Flight School planes flew directly over our home, a 
> hundred yards or so to the north and south of our home and much too 
> often lower than appropriate. The planes were both single and twin 
> engine. Only one had makings that differed from the rest - those 
> markings were three stripes on the bottom of both wings. The planes 
> passed as close as 40-50 seconds apart and sometimes three or four 
> minutes apart. The noise was constant and obnoxious. 

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