4-15-11 - Email from resident to Airport Manager 


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Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 4:26 PM

To: Steven Lichliter





I reported flight school constant plane noise on the city site.  I'm unsure what difference the site used makes in the continued problem of flight school plane noise makes.  Either way I must assume you learn of the constant and continued obnoxious flight school plane noise over our home.  The arrogant jerks flying the planes continue to fly over our home making conversation almost impossible.  Listing to music or TV requires a volume level much too high when the 30 - 90 seconds without noise happens.  So far nothing you and Mr. Kelley have done or said has made any difference.  The jerks do as they please and in effect tell the citizens of Ormond Beach "to go to hell."


I am ready to ask any Ormond Beach citizen also disgusted with the arrogance of the flight school pilots to join me at the airport and inform the pilots and owners that their arrogance has to stop.  If you insist that "they have the right to fly where they want," then I am ready to exercise my right to tell them in "colorful language" what I think of them.  So far these jerks get away "Scott Free" and suffer absolutely no consequence for their arrogance.  I want to bring to them the scorn of disgusted citizens and ensure that the cannot enter or leave the airport property without being confronted by those of us who have grown tired of their arrogance.