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Thank you for contacting me about your concerns over aircraft noise.  I've researched the policies and procedures in effect at the Islip Airport, now known as the Long Island MacArthur Airport or simply LIMA, to ascertain if any of the policies in use there could be employed here in Ormond Beach.  After speaking with two air traffic control tower personnel at LIMA, I find that although both airports host flight training schools, LIMA is dissimilar in that a significant amount of commercial and business jet activity is hosted there, whereas our airport is almost exclusively a general aviation facility.  Both airports are open 24 hours a day, but our control tower closes at 7:00 PM whereas the control tower at LIMA closes at midnight.  The only noise abatement procedures in effect at LIMA involve late-night operations of certain types of jet aircraft, whereas our noise abatement procedures address flight activity throughout the day and night.


As part of the five-month aircraft noise abatement community meeting process in 2010, we discussed the limits on authority the City has on aircraft in flight and in directing air traffic.  Control of planes flying around the airport is regulated solely in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations. As a result, the City’s noise abatement procedures have been and must be of a voluntary nature.  City staff continue to monitor and respond to concerns via follow-up with our air traffic control tower, local flight schools, and airport tenants.  We have attended weekly flight school meetings, provided noise abatement procedures to the flight schools, posted noise abatement signs along the taxiways, airport gates, and airport tenant offices, and we have met with other local airport managers to discuss their approach to lessening aircraft noise in their local neighborhoods.  Staff also endeavors to keep the community aware of special conditions that may affect air traffic, such as launch activity at the Kennedy Space Center, or the presence of banner-towing planes overhead during special events such as Bike Week.  Staff will continue to work with the aviation community and explore all available means to mitigate aircraft noise on behalf of the residents of Ormond Beach.


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Location of concern/request: ormond beach airport

Description of concern or request: I am a resident of ormond lakes. The situation with the airport is becoming intolerable. The first thing I hear in the morning is an airplane circling my house,and the last thing I hear before sleeping is a plane circling my house.How could you have let this situation develop? Are you so addicted to growth at all costs that you sacrifice the quality of life for literally hundreds of citizens? Who allowed the flight schools to open? Why can nothing be done? I am tired of hearing that it is an FAA problem. this is a city owned facility and as such rules can be put in place by the city.How about limiting the hours of operation(for example.sunrise to sunset)? I know this can be done because where I formerly lived (Long Island,N.Y.) Islip airport closes at 11:00 pm. And this is an airport served by Southwest Airlines! The local authorities resisted the immense pressure brought to bear by Southwest and other airlines to rescind this policy. So it can be done. The bottom line is I feel that ,above all, citizens have a right to a peaceful and quiet exixtence,something that is impossible in the present circumstances. I welcome your response.

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