Email sent to residents, etc. from Vince Kinsler - 3-26-2011

Ormond Airport Noise/Safety/Financial Concerns - Best protocol to register concerns/complaints

Attachment to this email:   NAIB Update 3-21-2011 (pdf file created by City of Ormond Beach staff)

Hello -
On the heels of a recent meeting between myself and three othe individuals from the community with Mayor Ed Kelley, City Manager Joyce Shanahan, Airport Manager Steven Lichliter, and Director of Economic Development Joe Mannarino - regarding noise, safety, and financial issues with the Ormond Beach Airport please find the following; 

Attached with this email you will find the recently released final NATF iniatives document which was presented to and approved by the city commission at the March 21st commission meeting. This report is quite comprehensive, but I'd like to direct you to page 3 of this report where it lists a comparative of registered complaints between 2009 and 2010 - here you will see that a substantial percentage of all complaints registered come from only 3 or 4 different addresses.

If  you were the mayor, city manager or airport manager - a reasonable conclusion to draw from this would be that there is no real or chronic issue with noise or safety concerns, and that there are maybe 3 or 4 people that have nothing better to do with their time than to complain to the city. I think I can safely say that that is not the case.  

It is imperative then, that if and when you have a concern about noisey aircraft, aircraft flying wild or low patterns at any given time of day or night, concerns about aircraft flying very low (e.g. over your homes, or at soccer fields etc.) that each time this happens that you follow the best protocol to get appropriate attention and the best prospect for action on the part of the city - and that is;

 1) Go to the cities website at - this will bring you to the cover of the city's website - near the top of this cover page all the way to the right under the term Online Services you'll see a link in a box called: Report A Concern - click on this link and there will be a form for you to fill out regarding your concern/complaint - please make sure you fill in all the required fields as highlighted by a red asterisk. Also in the description of concern or request box - please provide as much information in that box in as much detail as possible - e.g. date and time(s) of incident(s), what specifically was the issue e.g. frequent low flying, very noisey, late night flight training, scarey maneuvers by aircraft, and any identifying marks on the offending aircraft such as stripes under the wings, single prop, dual prop, any other distinguishing features that you can catch etc.. then check the departments to which you wish to send the concern/complaint to - generally you will check the following boxes; * Airport, * City Manager, * Economic Development, and if you feel an ordinance is being put upon e.g. noise for time of day etc. you can also check * Neighborhood Improvement (code violations box) then click on submit box near the bottom of the page.

 2) Once you've registered your concern/complaint on the city website - immediately email the mayor at the city manager at the airport manager at the director of economic development at - you will also wish to include your zone commissioner - simply spell their last name correctly followed by - you can find your zone commissioners contact info including email address at the city website.

 In this email you'll be sharing with the above listed city staff; that you're writing them to let them know that you have an issue/concern/complaint  with regard to aircraft or the airport - and specifically what that is/was - basically the same concern you registered at the website.

 3) Create your own "global list" of individuals from the list of email addresses that I have listed in the To: box above - and before you send any email concern/complaint about air traffic to any city official BE SURE you also copy ALL the people on this global list you've created on the same email.

 4) Feel free to add any friend, neighbor, acquaintance in your neighborhood who you feel would like to express themselves by participating in this manner regarding the airport issues - so when we all see who's made complaints or concerns to the city officials - we'll continually update our global email list as well.

 If you all follow this protocol for registering your complaints/concerns think of the numbers of INDIVIDUAL ADDRESSES that will be submitting and the number of other people on the global email list that are being copied on the submittal that the city officials will be seeing - and that we'll all also be seeing!  THIS WILL HAVE IMPACT!!! We'll all know how mnay complaints are being registered and when.

 The neighborhoods that are most affected are: Ormond Lakes, Northwood, Tomoka Estates, Tomoka Oaks, The Trails, Pine Trails, Hidden Hills, Bear Creek - anyone in these communities that want to have a positive affect on these ongoing issues without having to go to each city commission meeting and try to pull teeth to bring a quality of life issue to the entire city - this is the easiest and most impactful way - right from the comfort of your own home and computer.

 Even if you do not live in any of the communities that are most directly affected - be aware of the increased flights over your homes and parks and work places - support your neighbors by following the same protocol. THERE's POWER IN NUMBERS.

 If we don't do anything different than what we've been doing - we can just pretty much forget about any change - it won't work - WE NEED MORE PEOPLE SPEAKING UP.

 Thank you all for anything and everything that you've done over the past 1.5 years regarding these issues - you are all appreciated.

 If anyone has any question or concern and you think I can help in anyway - please feel free to email me directly.

 Gratefully yours,

Vince Kinsler