2/22/2013 Email information from resident to Ormond Beach Airport Director


Please tell me why there is so much air traffic over my house in the Trails. This is highly unusual.  There is not 1 minute of silence.
xxx Shady Branch Trail

One person on the cc of above sent a email back to the above

Hi xxx,
I have copied the James Stowers, City Commissioner Zone #1 on this issue since the airport is in his zone. This has been an ongoing concern for many residents in and around Ormond Beach for some time.

As a former candidate for Ormond Beach City Commission Zone #1, I have heard many concerns from residents about runway extension(s), airport finances, low flying aircraft, noise, flight pattern violations and hours of flight school operation.  A set of airport recommendations are in writing. Perhaps those goals and objectives can be shared and progress reported to you too.

 Commissioner Zone #3, Rick Boehm, will be glad to assist you as your City of Ormond Beach representative.


Alan H. Burton