11-21-11 - Several submissions I have combined on recent complaints to Report a Concern, Ormond Beach Website

11/20/11 Submission:

On Saturday Nov. 19 and Sunday Nov. 20, there was a unusually high number of airplanes - both days from about 10 am to 4 pm, mostly flight schools flying over Tomoka Estates and not following the suggested flight paths and were noisy. On Sunday during the NASCAR race, I had my windows open and most of the afternoon, there was a constant buzz where sometimes I could not hear the talking on the television, which also occasionally was a 4 to 6 minutes gap between each loud plane.  It was not an enjoyable weekend and I wish these flight schools would live up to being good neighbors and not unnecessarily fly over residential areas.  Especially, Euro School of Aviation... they are the most annoying ones.  Obviously they don't care because they are making money. Take a look at Euro's fees to obtain a pilot's license.  I have also requested to the City of Ormond Beach's Information Services Dept that when a Report a Concern item is submitted (email address a required item to submit) that a copy of the submission be sent to the person reporting for documentation purposes.  However, I have not heard anything for several weeks on this request.


On Monday the below airplanes flew off the requested path over homes in Tomoka Estates and annoying loud.  Only time I monitored with photos was from 12:24 pm to 2:24 pm

Also, at one of the Aviation board meetings there was mention of flight schools would be not doing touch and go’s on the runways and would be making complete stops.  By the times below, it does not appear some schools are doing this, if they said they would.  I have no access to being in the airport so I can’t monitor what does or doesn’t happen. 

Also, the “newest school” seems to be Fly 4 Fun, according to the N number registration, however I am unable to find where this company originates from.  Flying 4 Fun is out of California and he does not have airplanes in Florida.  That was the closest I could find to this company.


12:24 pm – N9890J – Fly 4 Fun

12:31 pm -   “                        “

12:32 pm - ? blue stripes on side, single engine

12:35 pm - ? weird items under wings, like bumper stickers, single engine

12:35 pm - ? green stripes, single engine

12:37 pm – N9890J – Fly 4 Fun

12:40 pm – same as 12:35 pm, weird items under wings (over me)

12:43 pm – N25325 – Sunrise

12:44 pm – N9890J – Fly 4 Fun

12:51 pm – N9890J – Fly 4 Fun

12:59 pm - ? blue stripes, cannot see any N number on rear side

1:12 pm – N605FT – Fly 4 Fun

1:22 pm - ? blue stripes, cannot see any N number on rear side

1:27 pm – same as above

1:43 pm - ? blue stripes, cannot see any N number on rear side

1:48 pm – N605FT – Fly 4 Fun

1:53 pm – same as above

1:59 pm - ? blue stripes, cannot see any N number on rear side

2:04 pm – N715ER – Embry Riddle

2:07 pm – N787PE – Dolphin Leasing

2:12 pm - ? N #, Embry Riddle

 2:12 pm – N787PE – Dolphin Leasing

2:17 pm – 715ER – Embry Riddle

2:21 pm - ?

 2:21 pm – 9225N – Fly 4 Fun

2:22 pm - ? N#, Embry Riddle

2:22 pm – 715ER – Embry Riddle

2:24 pm – 787PE – Dolphin Leasing

Paths these airplanes were taking can be seen on a map showing the requested paths at:



On Saturday, Nov. 12 from noon to 4 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 2:45 pm airplanes from ESA have been ignoring the requested path to fly leaving the Ormond Beach Airport going east and then north. Some have even turned north going over US 1 and not going anywhere near the Tomoka River to turn north.  The airplanes are also noisy and a constant annoying sound everytime they fly over homes in this area. 

No reply necessary, again. 

11/13/11 Email sent to City of Ormond Beach Information Services for a request to modify Report A Concern webpage

To: Huhta@ormondbeach.org

On the City of Ormond Beach Report a Concern web I request that a box be added to check to send a email copy of this “Report a Concern” to the person submitting it, if the box was filled in with a email address to respond to. 
This would help in documenting submissions  and follow up later on.
Thank you.

Norman Echelberry, Ormond Beach



On 11/1 and 11/2 the flight schools have been loud and not flying the path for two days.  I only documented the below on 11/2:

1:20 PM - N701ER, Embry Riddle

1:33 PM - N472ER, AVN

2:18 PM - N2084A, Sunrise, twin

2:31 PM - ESA, number not readable

2:33 PM - N903SA, Sunrise

2:36 PM - ESA, number not readable

2:37 PM - N2084A, Sunrise, twin (sputtering)

2:40 PM - ESA, possible partial N665F

2:47 PM - N701ER, Embry Riddle

2:52 PM - ESA, number not readable

2:53 PM - N701ER, Embry Riddle

2:55 PM - number unreadable, on top of me, twin

No reply necessary, only documenting my complaint that they are not following the path requested by the City of Ormond Beach and are loud.



To the City of Ormond Beach Report a Concern:

Just a FYI, the flights coming out of the airport, today, October 26 between 1:30 pm and about 5:00 pm were the most consecutive, loud and off the requested path in months.  One time I was out in my back yard and could see 4 airplanes east of US 1 making the loop.  I know the answer is they cannot be forced to fly the path by the City of Ormond Beach.  Most of the loud and off path planes were: Embry Riddle and Euro American School of Aviation.  I was also out on the Tomoka River fishing and had a good view to see they were not following the path and cutting back over residential areas of Tomoka Estates.


Noise complaint about repetitive flights near Ormond Beach Airport - no reply necessary:

Tuesday 10-4-11 from about 7:45 pm to 9:15 pm, a plane flew over our house and was loud about every 10 minutes or less.  I could not identify it in the dark. 

Wednesday 10-5-11 from about 10 am to 2 pm, various different aircraft not flying the suggested path, noisy and over Tomoka Estates.  While some may claim it was due to wind conditions or other, some planes were directly in front or behind the plane being complained about and had no problem following the path. 

I don't have all the N numbers because of the angle of the photos.  The only one I do have is N920ER, a twin engine.