10-5-11 Email sent regarding Embry Riddle University

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Hi Mr.Larrivee, 

 Things got alot better for awhile since my last email to you but today these guys are ramping up  some noise intentionaly flying over the homes in the area even right now at 7:48pm they are doing the engine stall followed by the crackle,crackle,pop,pop VROOOOOM. Just wanted to keep you updated in case you and Ivan Grau are still trying to put down a flight path for these pilot's to follow as they are not following it makes no sense that I live next to 1000's of acres of woods between my home and where these guys take off at and they choose to fly all the way here only to stir up problems.

  I realy wish these pilots would feel more responsability while they are flying to do the right thing while they are airborne and try not to effect everyone underneath them while they do there thing and I wish the school would worry a bit more about it's reputation just browsing Google.com shows these guys have alot of people angry in the Ormond Beach area I have seen and continue to see complaints and youtube video's of Embry Riddle Pilots interupting people below them without a care in the world.



 And I just found this posted this month--> http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/local/east-volusia/2011/10/02/volusia-flagler-neighbors-and-airports-at-odds-over-noise.html

  Sad thing is these guys are going to cause so many problems that one day laws/rules/regualtions will change that will effect all pilots because these guys can't do the right thing it should be up to each individual pilot to do the right thing and it should be up to the school to help these pilot's grow as not only pilots but as better people...they should give the students education plus help build character in a positive way.

  It's sad that I could pull in front of Ivan Grau's house or any of his pilot's house and make alot of noise like with big speakers/amps etc and he has the right to call the police/sherriff to have me removed for being a disturbance to him and his family but even though I should have that same right I do not... as his pilot'still continue to disturb me and my family from a quality of life as well as safety concern's...my fiancee is trying to get to sleep right now because she has to wake up at 2AM and can't sleep because of the over exagerrated engine noise from these air planes.

  Ivan you should be ashamed of yourself and embarrassed out of your mind the only reason you do not recive more complaints than you do is because most people have no clue that the pilots behind the aircrafts is Embry Riddle they probably think that some drunken yahoo is out joy riding his airplane not a flight school as I am sure most people would like to think flight schools are more reputable than they are ( I used to think they were).

  I have been collecting information/evidence and I plan to take this a step further if I do not see a change I will setup flyers at our local post office,stores,library etc with information and photo's to educate the town of Pierson who is responsible for this and I will include any phone number email address that has anything to do with Embry Riddle included on these flyers so people know who to voice concern's to...not that it will make any difference but just act as stress relief.

  I know I have carried on and I am sorry I am just frustrated and want a stop to this.

  I thankyou for everyon'e time.


 XXXX (name pulled)