Hi Steven -


Just a quick re-cap of items that were highlighted during the audience participation component of last nights meeting - and what follow up was promised;


You conveyed that you would provide me minutes of the city commission meeting whereby it was discussed and agreed to categorize/prioritize the initiatives set forth by the ANATF so that it could be determined what initiatives could be accomplished reasonably quickly and then monitor the progress for improvements made - and then decide when, how, or if any further initiatives should be taken.


You also conveyed that you would provide me with a copy of a report you are preparing for the commission to update specifically what has been implemented and accomplished with regard to the same initiatives up to this point in time.


Mr. XXXXXXX requested the following; for you to look into the prospect of the airport being an enterprise fund (as a budget procedure) - enabling the airport finances to be isolated unto themselves for ease of understanding and for total transparency - you promised to look into this. Mr. XXXXXXX also asked about the master plan for the airport - specifically concerning - the runway extension project that had been denied by the commission but was still showing up on the current master plan - you conveyed that until the new master plan was developed that that project would still show up on the plan - you re-iterated that that project was not going to take place - but that you didn't have a specific date by which a new master plan would be developed.


Mr. XXXXXXX inquired about the airport becoming a free enterprise zone - requiring that the airport be self sustaining - again this was something you conveyed you would look into.


Mr. XXXXXXX brought up info regarding the FDOT that conveyed that there was changes coming up regarding municipal airports across the state of Florida and that these changes were designed to stimulate business activity in the airports and adjoining business parks - and conveyed that XXXXXXX had substantial info regarding these changes - XXXXXXX wanted OBA to be prepared for what might be coming down in the near future.


It was als brought up in a discussion between you and Larry Volanec that the airports focus is not on more flight training - its actually away from flight training and more toward industry and aviation technology.


There was discussion about a displaced threshold runway - a one way runway extension which would allow aircraft greater distance to take off - under the theory that this would be a major noise abatement initiative. There was a vote that passed regarding having the city commission request a study on extending the westbound runway - under the premise of it definitely reducing noise issues over most communities.


After the meeting a couple of individuals expressed concern to me over that prospect - the concern being is that its an old idea that is being re-dressed - and that there would be a possible alterior motive to that extension. On the surface - based on what I heard in your discussions - the idea appears viable, however, there is some cynicism - so please keep that in mind as you approach that idea with the commission.

On a positive note and as conveyed last evening - there does appear to be overall improvement with the noise issues, notwithstanding certain pockets of very busy flight days and certain individuals who may need a little more "educating". It is (as we knew) an ongoing educational process - a job I know you take seriously.


I feel it would go along way in keeping things in balance and perspective if you stay on top of the initiatives (e.g. visit noise sensitive areas and documenting your findings and take appropriate action, stay on top of the web based outlet for community complaints, do not let up on your consistent efforts to educate the ever revolving door of student pilots) - and please communicate your progress. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised at how communicating your progress - will keep things calmer.


I look forward to your feedback on the issues we discussed.


Thanks for everything - it was a good meeting.