2-15-2014 Email sent to Airport Manager

On Tuesday, Feb. 11,  I noticed an abnormal amount of airplanes not following the requested noise abatement path established by the City of Ormond Beach.  Many were in the morning and then again in the afternoon.
Here are some of the aircraft that I observed and have video and photos of them not following the path.
Norm Echelberry/Tomoka Estates
They were:

12:50 pm (unable to get N number, directly over me)
12:54 pm N925MH -  Dolphin Leasing, Daytona Beach
12:56 pm N25362 – Sunrise Aviation, Ormond Beach
12:57 pm N4631J – Daytona Aircraft Leasing, Daytona Beach
13:05 pm N4631J -  “
13:10 pm (unable to get N number, directly over me)
13:14 pm N487ER -  ERU
13:17 pm N4631J - Daytona Aircraft Leasing, Daytona Beach
13:18 pm N487ER - ERU
13:19 pm N538HF – Sun Aviation, Ormond Beach
13:25 pm (unable to get N number, directly over me)
13:27 pm (unable to get N number, directly over me)
13:35 pm N487ER -  ERU
13:37 pm A twin engine actually flew the path correctly, but I did not get the number
13:38 pm N152SJ – registration pending – message received that aircraft may not be suitable for operation. I called the FAA 866-762-9434 to report it to them the location of the aircraft.
13:53 pm N903SA – Sunrise Aviation, Ormond Beach
13:57 PM N6186V – Floriflt LLCX , Middleburg, FL

Also, Friday, Feb. 14 almost all day many aircraft were not following the requested path but my camera was not working and I was unable to identify the aircraft other than many were Embry Riddle (three stripers).  ALSO, on 2/15 my neighbor asked if I was still monitoring the airplanes because it has been so bad lately, she cannot talk to people on the phone when planes fly over her house.  If you would like me to get all the neighbors to individually call you to complaint I can do that. Or I can continue to inform you of which planes and pilots  are not cooperating.

Response in email from Airport Manager, Steven Lichliter:

Good morning, Norm…

 Thank you for providing this information.  I will share this with all of the flight schools in the area.  Based on the tail numbers and flight times that you’ve provided, the schools should easily be able to determine which pilots need to better adhere to our procedures.

 Thanks again for your vigilance in this matter… 




From: Norm Echelberry [mailto:normanechelberry@cfl.rr.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2014 2:54 PM
To: Lichliter, Steven
Cc: Kelley, Ed; 'Embry Riddle University '; Shanahan, Joyce; leofla44@yahoo.com; lumaghili@att.net; 'News Journal News - Flagler'; Mannarino, Joe; tyfwilson@ymail.com; 'Vince Kinsler'; wfranco8@yahoo.com
Subject: Complaint about aircraft not following the noise abatement path