12-12-2013 Email sent to Aiport Manager and below ref. noise complaints and possible safety incident.

Norm Echelberry [mailto:normanechelberry@cfl.rr.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013 2:32 PM
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Subject: Aircraft at City of Ormond Beach airport - Noise Abatement and possible safety issue of two aircraft flying towards each other

 Note: This email was sent to City of Ormond Beach staff, including the Airport Manager, Steven Lichliter:

On December 11, 2013 I noticed and took photos/video of aircraft not following the requested Noise Abatement Path for the City of Ormond Beach airport.  I made some observations but did not have time to record them all morning. 

In addition to the normal not following the path, about 8:17 am, one aircraft was departing runway 8/26 eastbound.  After it crossed US 1, I observed another aircraft traveling from east to west headed directly towards the one that had just departed the airport.  The east bound aircraft, N5157Z, appeared to take evasive action going to the right or southerly while the other aircraft, N428WR, continued on towards the airport. Obviously N428WR had no idea the aircraft pattern had been flying in a counterclockwise direction after departing the runway eastbound.  N5157Z made a quick loop and then almost followed the same path as N428WR, maybe to see where it was going. 
On the attached images I showed the approximate paths the aircraft were on and the altitude appeared to be almost the same, approximately 1,000 feet for this particular observation. 

Aircraft showed registered to:
N428WR, Eagle Flying Club of Daytona Beach
N5157Z, Daytona Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft continue to ignore the requested Noise Abatement Path but a safety issue as what appeared above is even more serious.  Residents living near, but not even close to the airport face the possibility of a aircraft going down in their homes. 
Norm Echelberry/Tomoka Estates

Here are some observtions I made for Dec. 11 of aircraft not following the path:

07:58 am N5157Z Daytona Aircraft Leasing
08:01 am N301CF Sunrise Aviation
08:02 am N5157Z Daytona Aircraft Leasing
08:04 am N483ER Embry Riddle
08:07 am N5157Z Daytona Aircraft Leasing
08:15 am N483ER - Embry Riddle
08:17 am N428WR & N5157Z (above encounter mentioned Daytona Aircraft and Eagle Flying Club)
08:21 am N428WR -  Eagle Flying Club of Daytona Beach
08:25 am N25362 Sunrise Aviation
11:05 am N440ER - Embry Riddle
11:10 am N440ER - Embry Riddle