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For 2013 I don't have a lot of reports because my wife and I were able to spend almost the entire time from March to late October in North Carolina.  It was actually great not having airplanes constantly flying over us.  I can say that the volume of airplanes not following the Noise Abatement path seemed to decrease after EASA went out of business. However there were still others, mostly Embry Riddle University Aircraft that do not follow the paths.  Most of the reporting will be starting in 2014.  Below are a few I did send in complaints when I was home

12-12-2013 Complaint and report of two aircraft flying towards each other sent to Airport Manager

11-22 to 24 -2013 Complaint sent to Airport Manager

11-15 and 16 2013 Complaint sent to Airport Manager

8-31-2013 Complaint sent to Airport Manager

August 3, 2013 News bulletin: Channel 13 had a story on EASA going to close operations at the Ormond Beach Airport. 
A flight school in Volusia County has closed after the European Aviation Safety Agency suspended and then revoked its license.

In 11 years, from 2001 to 2012, 15 incidents have occurred involving Ormond Beach Airport and thirteen of the fifteen involved flight schools.  Several involved Euro American School of Aviation (formerly Ormond Beach Aviation -which changed names after several incidents) and Ormond Beach Aviation.  This does not include a 1999 incident mentioned below.
The NTSB and FAA are slow to conclude their reports and have delayed gathering data.  The 7/10/2011 crash, item 3, was not completed and posted online until April 2013, almost two years later. 

There were not many updates here from March 31 through July 31 because I was traveling and have not been able to observe local air traffic.  However, I was home in most of June and there was a large amount of airplanes, mostly from EASA and Embry Riddle, but I did not have time to document the worst days.

I found it hard to believe but since the middle of October 2012 to the end of February 2013 there has been almost no, zero air traffic over Tomoka Estates.  Back in December 2012 I emailed Ormond Beach Airport Manger Steven Lichliter and he mentioned about the east/west runway (8/26) being closed during the work on Taxiway Alpha..  The construction was supposed to be done January 21, 2013, but as of February 25, 2013 I still haven't noticed any traffic coming back over this area. 
However, anyone living north and south and even west of the airport have probably noticed an increase in the aircraft traffic because of the construction. 

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thumbnails of flight paths taken by aircraft flying in and out of the Ormond Beach Airport taken from live shots off www.planefinder.net .  The file name shows the date and time.  In planefinder, you see an aircraft and click on it and it shows the path the aircraft has taken.  More information on planefinder is available on their website, free. Not all aircraft are on this system yet that tracks them, for example EASA (Euro American School of Aviation) is not, however most of Embry Riddle is supposed to be on it.

2-23-2013 News on possible FAA tower closing at Ormond Beach Airport

2-22-2013 - Email from resident about aircraft traffic